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Walking the fine line between inspiration and imitation. Heres some stuff im inspired by and my imitations.

    My favorite films of 2013!

    I went through lists on imdb, trying to come up with a top ten but it fell short and I got 7. I could have thrown a token 3 in, but a lot of the movies i saw just made me go “meh” do I didn’t think it would be fair to the 7 that I really enjoyed. 

    NOTE There is probably some great movies I’ve missed, im yet to see The wolf of wall street and Her but, its new years day and this is what I’ve seen. 

    Wrong cops! Only saw it this week, but I’ve already watched it more and I’ve been quoting it constantly and laughing about the characters to myself while at work all day. Check all logic at the door and enjoy the nonsensical comedic madness that is this movie. 

    Spring Breakers! James Franco Is greasy and fun, the mickey mouse club is older and I want to bang them all. Its got a lot of visual style thats lacking in movies, looks very artistic but still very fun and funny. A nuts and dark crime drama/ comedy.

    Evil Dead! In all honesty, this movie isn’t that great and certainly doesn’t re invent the wheel, but the die hard evil dead fans that loved it and built up the buzz made me enjoy it and the atmosphere so much. I love evil dead fans more than I love evil dead, I saw a pre screening of it with a friend, a studio exec guy even asked me what I thought since I was first out of the theater, all I said was ” it was sufficient” which it is, but the fans make these movies great. 

    The Iceman! I find Michael Shannon to be very cute, naive, intense, funny, and terrifying all at the same time, and I think that might be his actual personality. Anyways, he certainly channels and intensifies the terrifying part of his personality in The Iceman, hes brooding and bad ass and even though hes inherently evil while playing a serial killer, i still root for him and adore him. 

    BONUS POINTS! Michael Shannon almost made that hunk of shit movie Man of steel watchable! Him as Zod was the only fun part I found. I just really have never liked Superman and that movie didn’t change that. 

    Would you rather! Its Jeffery Combs! you know, the Re-Animator!? Hes a billionaire dick bag who plays cruel games with people, sorta like saw if it wasn’t a ridiculous torture porn cartoon, and with characters you actually cared about and could identify with. 

    This is the end! Dumb fun every step of the way, I long to be Danny Mcbride as he butt fucks Channing Tatum in a cannibalistic apocalyptic wasteland. Some pretty bad ass creature design and effects as well! Pretty solid flick! 

    You’re Next! Kinda sorta came out in 2012 but didnt get a wide release til this year. Lotsa fun! what looks like a straight up slasher flick is actually more of a dark comedic home invasion thriller. Its a bit of a breath of fresh air with these types of movies, its fun but not dumb, there’s a heroine that’s bad ass without being ridiculous. A very solid and cool movie. 

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